First impresssions

About a month ago I received in the mail the KLAX Lumberjack, from Klecker Knives.
When my dad first told me about it I was a little skeptical thinking it was just one of those multi tools that had way to many functions and wasn’t that useful. But after getting to use this axe for a while I’ve discovered otherwise.
The stainless steel axe head is well made and splits branches into kindling like nothing. The added functions it has aren’t overkill, it has a bottle opener/ gut hook, hex wrench set, 1/4 inch bit drive socket, a built in knife blade, laynard hole, and a carabiner.


The knife blades position which I questioned at first when I cut my self, is perfect for planning out a bow or paddle.
I’m not sure about using the hex wrench set because I’m worried about chipping the axe blade.
The axe comes with a hardwood handle that fits perfectly in your hand. You can also use a straight green sapling for the handle. This axe is perfect for backpackers, mountain bikers, or backcountry skiers. It fits easily into your backpack or onto a belt.

As the company says “KLAX it’s more than an axe.”