War of the whales book review,

War of the whales I just finished reading “War of the whales” by Joshua Horwitz.
Is about Joe Reynold’s law suit against the U.S. Navy’s underwater sonar training that stranded 17 whales on the shores of the Bahamas of which 14 were beaked whales which are little known since they spend their lives diving down deep on their quest for squid. The Bahama’s stranding happened in the year 2000. Ken Balcomb, who was doing the beaked whale survey in the great Bahamas canyon, saved as many of the whales as possible.
The book tells about his struggle against the U.S. Navy, the history behind Sound Surveillance System or SOSUS for short.

It took me a while to read because some parts were a little slow but there were always good reads in between so I read the entire thing,
I really liked the way it was written by date and end note at the end of the book so You can learn more about the subjects, and people written about in more detail,
I give this book five out of five stars and would recommend it for anybody interested in cetacean (whales) anatomy and behavior, and people interested in environmental law.