New Hampshires most succesful native,

New Hampshire is a land of water, it borders the Atlantic Ocean and has hundreds of ponds and river. With so much water you would expect lots of fish To be swimming around in them, which there is, but you would probably be surprised to find out that your favorite sports fish might not be native.
Before Europeans started to settle NH the states was home to a handful of chars, whitefish, pickerel and perch. Plus anadromous species like sturgeon, striped bass and eel’s. After the colonists settled in, they started introducing nonnative species like black bass, northern pike, and bluegills. The introduced them for there sporting needs or by accident.
There’s a native that has seen it all. The Bullhead ( Ameriurus nebulosus,) or hornpout. Is very abundant, living in polluted rivers or crystal clear lakes. The reach a maximum length of 21 inches and can survive oxygen lows that would make any fish other than a carp or snakehead ( both invasive) suffocate. My moms friend, my fake aunt has had them stay alive in the freezer overnight. People fish for them at night using worms or chicken livers.
I don’t fish for bullheads, but when I saw some in the pond at my house I had to catch some so I baited a minnow pot with cheese. I ended up catching a bunch of them most averaging at six inches. They made grunting squeaky noises when I pulled them from the water, it is very interesting to hear a fish vocalise. There barbs are very sharp and caught in the mesh of the trap so I had to carefully remove them.
I you hope enjoyed my blog post it’s not anything you can’t find out somewhere else but I had fun writing it.
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