My Sharona,

Well brushing my dog I was able to get a lot of really nice fur perfect for dubbing so I went to my fly tying desk and tied up a small group of flies based on some grayling and euronymphing fly patterns and one of our local caddis flies, I’ve named it the fly “My Sharona”.
It is tied on a size # 16 umpqua nymph hook, using hot pink thread, white dog hair dubbed body, peacock herl collar, and an optional bead head.
Slide on beadhead, start the thread midshank and wrap backwards then wrap forward two eye lengths. Wrap on dubbing leaving a gap in between dubbing and beadhead. Tie in peacock herl and wrap a thick collar behind the beadhead, whip finish.
If you choose to tie it without beadhead fly will float then slowly sink.
I also tie a diving caddis version with a pheasant feather collar.


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