I got the Suntech Krunei HM30 for my birthday back in April. I haven’t really gotten to use it, but over the last week I’ve had a blast trying it out.
On Wednesday I fished up at the boat launch on Harrisville pond and caught my first fish a small yellow perch. After a few more casts something hit hard, a 12+ inch chain pickerel. I didn’t have time to worry about my rod braking as the pickerel bent my rod into a perfect C. I almost had him when his teeth cut the line taking the fly with him.
Then today I went down to the local fire pond and the creek chubs started biting instantly. My second fish broke the 1 pound test line off the tip of my rod and took my tanago bobber and everything else with it.
I saw him swimming around, so I thought I might be able to grab the bobber if I had a boat. So I ran up to the house and called my grandpa to see if he would drive my jonboat down to the pond. He came over and loaded it into his truck and we drove down.
I didn’t end up getting my bobber back though I saw him swimming around well I continued fishing.
After the fish took my micro fishing set up I switched to elk hair caddis which turned out to be too big. so I switched to a pheasant feather dubbing damsel fly wet fly.
There was barely a cast where I didn’t have a fish on as I worked my way along the lily pads in the jon boat.
I was mostly catching creek chubs with The males with horny spines on there head.

Creek chub,

Creek chub ( Semotilus atromaculatus,)


Which where pretty good fighters on such a light rod.
I was casting at some ripples when some thing slammed the fly I thought it was another chub when a Golden shiner come over the side of the boat.

Golden shiner,

Golden shiner ( Notemigonus crysoleucas,)

The thing I like about fishing is you never no what your going to see. Today I found a eastern king bird nest with two eggs on a partialy submerged stump on the edge of the pond.
Then I saw three white tailed deer running along the power line corridor there summer coats shining in the sun reminding me of the impalas when I lived in Africa.