Ice fishing, laurel lake, nh

Yesterday I went ice fishing for the first time on Laurel lake, Nh,
I went out and set up my tip ups baited with medium shiners hooked through the back, I also brought a my Shakespeare fuel ice jigging rod along. Sadly the fishing wasn’t that great, with only two people catching Rainbow trout, image
I learned that you can also hook shiners through the lips instead of the back.
Laurel lake seems like a good lake to start on it being stalked with rainbow and brown trout, and having a population of pickerel, large and small mouth bass, sunfish, and white perch,
I would like to try some other lakes sometime though,
If its your first time ice fishing I suggest bringing tip ups, amount depending on your local laws, a jigging rod, depth finder, micro bobbers(or buttons), filet knife, an auger, and a bucket of shiners, worms, or other bait depending what your fishing for. image
Dress very warmly because you can get hypothermia very quickly if you fall through the ice or if it starts raining, as it did yesterday,( I was freezing ) I suggest lots of wool, or synthetic layers,
Also bring snacks for you will get hungry out on the lake or just eat throw the first good-sized fish on the grill.
Happy fishing,