The woods become cloaked in a white blanket, and the lakes are starting to freeze true winter is upon us, it’s the time of year to get your ice fishing gear ready for when the ice is thick enough to walk on.(never go on a frozen bodies of water if its closed, or you’re not 100% sure it’s thick enough to hold your weight,)
I’m preparing to get on the lakes, for pike, panfish,and if I’m lucky the master of the cold deep lakes the lake trout,

This is my first year ice fishing so I’m going to you’s some tip ups found in the attic of my grandfathers garage,


This is the way to set up an ice fishing tip-up line, I have a hook with a wire tippet attached to a nylon line, in the nylon line is some nuts you use as weights and the button is to set the line at the right length,

I’m going to use minnows hooked through the back for pike, trout, and other carnivorous fish, and crayfish and grubs for panfish,