Ice fishing

The woods become cloaked in a white blanket, and the lakes are starting to freeze true winter is upon us, it’s the time of year to get your ice fishing gear ready for when the ice is thick enough to walk on.(never go on a frozen bodies of water if its closed, or you’re not 100% sure it’s thick enough to hold your weight,)
I’m preparing to get on the lakes, for pike, panfish,and if I’m lucky the master of the cold deep lakes the lake trout,

This is my first year ice fishing so I’m going to you’s some tip ups found in the attic of my grandfathers garage,


This is the way to set up an ice fishing tip-up line, I have a hook with a wire tippet attached to a nylon line, in the nylon line is some nuts you use as weights and the button is to set the line at the right length,

I’m going to use minnows hooked through the back for pike, trout, and other carnivorous fish, and crayfish and grubs for panfish,


Falconry, trapping

For my first post on falconry I’d like to focus on methods of trapping. I’m going to talk about each method of trapping individually.

Netting methods,

#1 Bow net,
The bow net is a net that flips over the raptor when it goes at the bait, it was popular among the Dutch falcon trappers how trapped and sold raptors in the dutch city of Valkenswaard,

#2 Dho-gazza
The dho-gazza a trap developed in India is two nets the that collapse onto a stooping falcon as it chases an escaping pigeon.

#3 Mist net
The mist net is commonly used by bird banders, and scientists studying bats, the net is very light so it is not visible to the birds being trapped.
Pigeon are used as bait being tossed into the air so they flutter their wings, in turkey they use female shrikes as bait for sparrowhawks, sense the females shrike is brighter in color,

Noose methods, image
# 1 Bal-chatri
The Bal-chatri is a trap that houses the bait which can be mice for kestrels or pigeons for hawks, the trap can be many shapes and sizes depending on the species being trapped,
When the bird of prey dives down to the trap trying to get at the bait the get their talon entangled in the nooses that cover the trap, This trap is effective for many different species,
It’s very popular that it can be dropped quickly on the side of a road or in a field and you can park within sight and wait for a bird to fly over,

#2 Pigeon harness
The pigeon harness is a vest that you strap on to the pigeon it has many nooses on it so when the raptor dives down to kill the pigeon its talons get entangled in the nooses.

War of the whales book review,

War of the whales I just finished reading “War of the whales” by Joshua Horwitz.
Is about Joe Reynold’s law suit against the U.S. Navy’s underwater sonar training that stranded 17 whales on the shores of the Bahamas of which 14 were beaked whales which are little known since they spend their lives diving down deep on their quest for squid. The Bahama’s stranding happened in the year 2000. Ken Balcomb, who was doing the beaked whale survey in the great Bahamas canyon, saved as many of the whales as possible.
The book tells about his struggle against the U.S. Navy, the history behind Sound Surveillance System or SOSUS for short.

It took me a while to read because some parts were a little slow but there were always good reads in between so I read the entire thing,
I really liked the way it was written by date and end note at the end of the book so You can learn more about the subjects, and people written about in more detail,
I give this book five out of five stars and would recommend it for anybody interested in cetacean (whales) anatomy and behavior, and people interested in environmental law.