The kakapo

The kakapo ( Strigops habroptilus,) one of the world’s most amazing parrots, when you think of a parrot you probably think of one of the many species of conure, or the scarlet macaw, but the difference between these birds and the kakapo is that the kakapo cannot fly, weigh’s up to nine pounds, it lives on the ground, its. moss colored feathers let it blend in with the ferns and mossy ground of the forest,
It lives on only a couple of islands off the coast of New Zealand, it used to also live on the mainland but was eradicated by introduced rats, cats and possums that killed there young and ate there eggs. It almost became extinct but a team of volunteers and scientist are helping it to come back from extinction.
It only breed’s every few years. The male calls from a lek,( a slight depression in the ground,) Their call is a very loud booming which can carry for a mile or so.
The females lay there eggs in thick vegetation and hallow logs,
They forage at night looking for edible vegetation and climbing trees for fruit.